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About Cozumel Buggy

It all started like many great ideas do — on a napkin! The goal was to create the best excursion in Cozumel featuring the activities our beautiful Caribbean island is famous for, such as its pristine white sand beaches, snorkeling, and driving around the island to feel the ocean breeze on your face. Cozumel Buggy came to life as a product designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, couples, families, and friends in a safe yet incredibly fun atmosphere.

It took around a year to put everything together, choose the perfect type of vehicle, recruit the ideal staff, and also find the right locations to visit. And then, after surpassing many hurdles along the way, we finally ran our first excursion! We still remember that nice family of three driving our yellow buggy!

Many tours later, it’s especially rewarding for us to see smiling faces at the end of each tour, which is by far the best part of the day, knowing we’ve not only delivered what we promised, but also exceeded our customer’s expectations.

At Cozumel Buggy, we love what we do. Each group we take out on an excursion is for us a group of friends, and we want to show you how proud we are of our country, our traditions, our history, our food, and the place where we’ve grown up. That is why we want to keep our groups small — because there is no point having hundreds of guests if we can’t connect with everyone.

By accepting only the right amount of bookings, we can guarantee the quality of service we would like our own family and friends to receive. This is the vision we’ve set to pursue: to deliver an unforgettable experience, create lifetime memories, and make our guests smile, one customer at a time.

Knowing we are on the right track through our guests’ testimonials on our social networks creates a bigger commitment for us to always go the extra mile. That is the reason we are always working to improve our service, because each day is a new opportunity for us to stay on the road to excellence.